Online Sales Support

Online Sales is something that every company does differently, although the building blocks are really the same. Each company does some type of marketing or driving of traffic and then uses their website as a resource centre or shopping cart to facilitate creating a lead or completing a sale.

You would not open a new location to the public and not have anyone in that storefront would you? Yet, that is what many companies do every single day. You build a website and then do not engage with visitors when they come... just periodically check messages (email) and get back to people when it suits you.

We believe that in order to get the most out of your marketing we want to Engage with every visitor to your website online, 24/7 through the medium of Live Chat.
Our goal is to enhance your customers online experience by enabling real time Customer Engagement to provide them with the best possible interaction with your brand, and help you sell more.

Lead Generation Customer Engagement 24 / 7
All of our clients have their own internal sales teams. We offer the enhancement of extending business hours, instant customer engagement via online chat and advanced educational support for products and services alike. We take the time to gather all of the information needed to complete a sale so that it can be written directly to your CRM of choice and closed by your internal sales team.

On average our lead generation chats will run more than 20 minutes in length as we build rapport with the customer and gather all of the specific details that you have required, all within a great conversation.

Lead Generation Customer Engagement 24 / 7 - Online Marketing Assistance
Some of our clients have full marketing departments with precise objectives on how to go about reaching their target audience and deliver the right leads to their website.

Some of our clients do not.

If required, we work with our clients to maximize online budgets, target the correct visitors and even create online campaigns that will help engage with more of the right users they are looking for.