Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service or Technical Support are very broad terms and not understood by many organizations. Here at ACS, we define customer service or technical support as Customer Engagement, human first, with the intent to create a great experience in which we can help solve any customers issues.

We do this by engaging with customers online, 24/7 through the medium of Live Chat. This can be accomplished from a corporate website, support area, within an app or as a link within an email.
Our goal is to enhance your customers online experience by enabling real time Customer Engagement to provide them with the best possible interaction with your brand.

Front Line Customer Engagement 24 / 7
Most of our clients have their own internal customer support teams. We offer the enhancement of extending business hours, instant customer engagement via online chat and advanced support for products and services alike. Many of our clients use this to better organize their internal support teams and allow for weekends and holidays off for internal team members.

Front Line Customer Engagement + Technical Support 24 / 7
Some of our clients require a higher level of technical support for their users. This is simply completed with additional training and access to web tools in order to support the services and products required. Creation of support tickets that get written to tools like Zendesk and JIRA are commonplace for all of our clients. Most of our clients use us to report errors, outages and even collect valuable customer feedback to deliver directly to the techs working on the software.

Full Service Customer Engagement 24 / 7
Some of our clients require a complete customer service team that not only handles the initial customer engagement, technical support but also resolution of support tickets and more. We are more than happy to discuss your specific needs and see how we can enhance the level of customer service you are currently providing as well as map out what it could be with our service.

If you are looking for a Customer Engagement Solution that is big enough to handle all of your needs, but small enough to still talk to the owners and feel like family, we are the right place for you to be.

Try us... we want to talk to you. Call us anytime (literally anytime) and you will be amazed that we answer and want to talk to you. ;)
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