Customer Success

Working together with your internal teams as an extension of your Customer Success.

- We hand hold your high touch customers, to walk them through their new account.
- We assist the customer through the signup process.
- We increase the level of customer confidence as we are available 24-7.

- We provide one on one education of your products and services.
- We assist the customer through the entire signup process.
- We increase the level of customer confidence as we are available 24-7.

Customer Feedback:
- We engage with your customer in real time 24-7 via live chat, on mobile or desktop devices.
- We trouble shoot issues in the Feedback stage so that we can retain more customers.
- We report issues instantly to devops teams via Zendesk, JIRA or internal sources.

Managing Communication:
- We have real time conversations with your customers to keep them educated.
- We make sure that any changes are instantly updated across our team so that all communication to customers is accurate.
- We provide communication to your customer they way they want it, mobile, desktop or tablet.

Customer Advocate:
- We present direct customer feedback to your management team.
- We are providing a voice for your customers to improve your product.
- We let you know ways to improve customer satisfaction based on what we are being asked frequently.

Account Management:
- We build an ongoing relationship with your customers.
- We use chat history, in real time to build customer rapport. Your customer is recognized online, not just a number.
- We help every customer, big or small feel important.

- We educate existing customers on upgrades and features they want to add.
- We can offer promo codes and incentives based on your marketing strategy.
- We help find the right package for each customer based on their actual needs.

- We deal with customer complaints instantly and in real time. We can diffuse issues before they escalate.
- We will report system issues instantly to devops.
- We utilize customer responses to help manage 24-7 monitoring of system functionality.

Churn Management:
- We interact with customers prior to cancellation.
- We attempt to save customers with internal resources before processing refunds or cancellation of services.
- We communicate with the customer to determine the reason for attrition, letting you know exactly why they are not happy.

Updating Customers:
- We educate customers on new products and services every time they engage with our team.
- We also manage feature request submissions so that your team is aware of what is most important to your customers.