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Customer Success

We work as an extension of your existing Customer Support departments. A remote team dedicated to managing any or all of these areas of Customer Success.

Customer Feedback
Managing Communication
Customer Advocate
Account Management
Churn Management
Updating Customers

Social Enterprise

We believe in giving back. We believe that many disadvantaged people can be even more focused on Customer Service and Customer Loyalty because of their circumstance. We focus on hiring and training the best people, all based in North America, regardless of their disabilities and situations. This means you have people who truly care, relating to your customers.

Scalable Chat Volume

We can scale up within minutes to handle the chat volume of the smallest start up to the largest Enterprise clients. With our largest clients growing at rates of 20,000 plus customers a day we understand scalability and how to handle extreme volumes without issue.

Integrate with your CRM of choice

We integrate with all of the major ERP and CRM's to ensure that every online interaction will be directly written into your internal systems. No more missing leads, opportunities or off hours due to your sales or customer service staff needing weekends and evenings off.

Pricing and Packages

Every Customer is unique and so are their needs. We work with our customers to build the exact level of Online Sales and Customer Service that they need in order to deliver the results they need within their budget.

On average, the cost of a full team of 6 staff to operate 24/7 and be fully trained to understand your business is less than the cost of a single in house employee.

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